If you are looking for a place to have a comfortable stay within reach of the beautiful Beskid nature, you can be sure that you have just found it!


Maralák lies in a picturesque valley between Nořičí hora and Velká Stolová, on the border between the villages of Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem and Trojanovice. You can enjoy views of all the main peaks of the Beskid Mountains - Smrk, Kněhyně, Čertův mlýn, Radhošť, Skalka and Ondřejník directly from the hotel rooms.

The newly built hotel will provide you with maximum comfort, whether you are going on holiday, attending a business meeting or for tourism. And if you are looking for a pleasant place to spend Christmas or celebrate New Year’s Eve, Maralák is the right choice!

We look forward to your visit.


stretch out on. So my ritual before important

things, like timed practice or a race, is to

stretch out there for at least a minute and

relax, think about the ride, and then go into

the car with a clear head. It’s actually like

a kind of meditation. Everybody knows to

leave me alone for those few minutes.

My lifelong racing dream is

to try the 24 Hours of Le Mans

endurance race.

How difficult is it to raise money and

attract potential partners on the Czech


Times are, of course, getting harder, in all

fields. So we also have to get up to work

and find sponsors, because we know that

we can’t do it without them. That’s why we

always thank all our sponsors and we are very

happy that they support us. Fortunately, so

far, we have been we have been successful

with this. Thanks to the fact that we have

good results so there will always be sponsors.

The sponsors become visible not only in

the Czech Republic, but also in the whole

of Europe, which is of great value to these


What are your plans for next year?

Where can we see you racing?

I would like to continue racing tractor

trailers and this year I also raced touring

cars, the so-called “GT”, so I would like to

continue that next year as well.

Have you experienced everything in the

world of cars, or do you still have some

unfulfilled dreams?

Apart from formulas, I have really driven

almost everything with cars. But my lifelong

racing dream is to try the 24 Hours of Le

Mans endurance race. I haven’t managed

to achieve that yet but I hope to one day.

just sitting on your


turning the wheel.

You currently live in Prague with your

family, but you come from Frenštát pod

Radhoštěm. Do you often come back to

your home town?

Yes, I live in Prague with my wife and

children, but I still have my base in

Frenštát. I like to come back to Beskid

Mountains and spend time there. Apart

from my company, I have my parents and

sister there, so as they say, I always have

somewhere to go back to “the warm


Adam, thank you for the interview.

Text: redakce

Foto: archiv Adama Lacka

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