Over a million homes around the world have Romotop products in them, which serves proof of the company’s hard work and dedication. Romotop’s history dates 30 years back to 1992. Its headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in the Czech Republic - in the Moravian-Sileasian town of Suchdol nad Odrou. Their fireplace stoves and inserts attract customers through their alluring design, high build quality and innovative solutions of wood burning.

The founder’s original vision

The purely bred Czech company ROMOTOP, spol. s.r.o. was founded in the summer of 1992 thanks to the vision and courage of a man named Josef Hein, who sensed a great potential in the field of fireplace stoves. He got to work right away with a group comprised of other enthusiasts. It was a time when the modern conception of fireplace stoves was only starting to blossom. From the very beginning  Romotop focused itself on the western market. Soon enough their fireplace stove designs began to gain traction in the Czech Republic, then Slovakia, followed by Poland and many others. Currently, the company supplies their products to over 50 countries globally.

‘We love technology and innovation, and, at thispoint, since we are among our market’s leaders in the European market, we always try to push our field of fireplace stoves and inserts to the next level,’ Ing. Josef Hein, founder and owner of Romotop, said.

European leader

The quaint workshop in Suchdol nad Odrou with a limited production capacity quickly developed into a business that makes use of modern technologies, and has great construction and business potential. The company also maintains a strong ethic of constantly perfecting their products and providing them at acceptable prices. Products that leave the facility therefore have an excellent quality to price to performance ratio, which the customers are very fond of. Romotop is now among the leaders in its field in the European market.

Our customers mainly expect to be able to rely on their fireplace or stove whenever they need it, no matter what.

Romotop as an innovator

Over the years, an innovative focused team was formed within the company, and it was their job to come up with new practical solutions. They focus on designing combustion chambers, subsequent gas outlets, burning management systems, and other important functional components of the fireplace stoves. All of their designs aim to stand above the competition while still meeting strict ecological limits. Customers of the modern day not only look for products that are aesthetically pleasing, but also ones that are highly functional and provide them with the certainty that, no matter what happens, their fireplace or stove can always be relied on.

Ecology is more than just a topic to discuss for producers in the Moravian--Silesian Region, for us, it is a commitment. The stoves and fireplaces made by Romotop meet all of the strict environmental guidelines and norms set by the EU. By doing this, they help with the preservation of our environment and aid in the promotion and usage of natural energy sources.

Well earned awards

Romotop fireplace stoves received a series of significant awards. One of their biggest achievements was receiving the platinum award in the USA based ADEX competition. Another one of their accomplishments was earning second place in the prestigious Product – technologies of the year 2012 competition for their design and the technologies they made use of. Romotop also holds the Czech Superbrands award for the years of 2016, 2019 and 2020.

Establishment of traditional ceramic tile production

The company’s development eventually led to their expansion towards providing fireplace stoves featuring ceramic tiles. Soon after that the company got the idea to establish their own traditional brand of ceramic tiles, under the name HEIN. Ever since then, all Romotop fireplace stoves that feature a ceramic lining make use of tiles made by their own sister company.

The Heipark Tošovice sports resort

Ing. Josef Hein is a passionate skier, and opening his own ski slope that would be close to his house was a dream of his for a long time. Mr. Hein therefore eventually decided to go through with this dream and began constructing a small ski resort near his place of residence. The originally modest plan, however, soon developed into an entire winter sports resort. Due to a constant influx of new ideas and nonstop development, Heipark now also features sports activities, entertainment and relaxation options for any season. The resort is nestled in a valley among the hilltops of Odry, which further adds to the experience making it a perfect place for families with children, school trips, as well as company and  private events.

Text a foto: ROMOTOP, spol. s r. o.