In our last issue, we wrote a detailed article about the 2021 School Friendly competition, which involved schools and organizations based in our region. “I am glad to see that this competition is doing a good job at presenting and supporting cooperation between companies and schools,” Radúz Mácha, director of the Association for the Development of the Moravian-Silesian Region and one of the event’s hosts.

Vůbec poprvé na pódiu vystoupí představitelé nejvyššího vedení tradičních českých i nadnárodních firem. Své projekty z oblasti vedení lidí a HR zde představí například Tomáš Vala ze SIKO, Jan Fišer z Nestlé Czech Republic - závod Zora Olomouc, Jana Vychroňová za VoA This year, the competition “Personnel Offer of the Year for the Moravian-Silesian Region” is once again hitting the scene and hosted, as always, by the Personnel Officer Club of Moravia and Silesia (Klub personalistů Moravy a Slezska) in cooperation with the Association for the Development of the Moravian-Silesian Region. New Dimension, s.r.o. and the educational and consulting institute Petr Otáhal, a.s. will once again be partners of this year’s competition and will provide prizes for the winners.

The contest is divided into three categories according to company size. A total of 98 personnel officers from companies all over the Moravian-Silesian Region took part in the last competition. Dagmar Revendová (from Alliance Laundry CE, a.s.) won the large company division. Veronika Pravdová (from VYNCKE, s.r.o.) came in first place in the medium-sized company division, and Monika Jošková (from MSV STUDÉNKA, s.r.o.) edged out the competition in the small company division. Finally, Petra Klementová (from FERRIT, s.r.o.) was awarded the special judge panel award.

“The goal of this year’s competition is to compare the individual projects spearheaded by the personnel officers in our region and evaluate the value they provide to the organization itself, its employees and the microbiome the company operates in”,  Daniela Nyklová, director of the competition and section secretary at the Personnel Officer Club stated. Contestant evaluation will be conducted on three levels. First, judges will assess the relevance and validity of the contestant, second, the “hard numbers,” and third, the contestant’s personal project. The criteria for the second level were drawn up by Daniel Svoboda, Daniela Nyklová and Petr Otáhal. The final level will be judged by an expert evaluation committee. Each judge will have a maximum of 30 points to give out to any individual contestant, which they can choose to award in 10 different categories.

Results of the “Personnel Officer of the Year for the Moravian-Silesian Region” will be announced on the 5th of December 2022 at the annual “Region for itself” (Region pro sebe) gala night.

Winners of the “Personnel Officer of the Year for the Moravian-Silesian Region” contest will be automatically entered as finalists in the country-wide round of the competition, where they will be fighting for the top spot in all of Czechia. This event helps better represent the difficult job of a HR officer in our region and gives others examples of methods or projects that can lead to success.

Text: Petr Otáhal

Foto: Petr Chapčák