Czech Gastronomic Gem

The Remoska® electric baking dish is well known and very popular in our market. Its production

started around 1957. Soon after it found great popularity in Czech households because of its

versatility in preparing all kinds of food combined with its long life and easy operation and

maintenance. Remoska is in the hands of two Czech owners, one is Ing. Petr Vaněček, the other is

Zdenek Sartoris, with whom we talked about the company’s vision and the new production hall.

Mr Sartoris, the first Remoska saw

theworld exactly 65 years ago. Today,

this purely Czech product can be

found in homes all over the world.

What do you think is the reason for

your success?

Remoska has secured its success by

its originality, simplicity and quality of

food preparation. They say that the best

things are often the simplest, and this

is particularly true with the Remoska ®

baking dish. The simple principle of

heating from the top, which provides

perfect heat distribution over the

entire surface of the aluminium bowl,

is the guarantee of perfectly cooked

food and, in fact, the magic behind our


The chefs in the UK discovered this

magic already back in 2001. Back then,

our biggest rival was the microwave.

Today, the situation is a little more

complicated and the microwave has

been joined by many other competitors

like multicookers, rice cookers and

bread ovens. Entering other markets

is much more complicated today, yet

our company has managed to grow not

only in the Czech Republic and the UK,

but also in Poland, Germany and even

as far away as Australia.

Last year you welcomed several new

products to the family. Remoska Dua,

a hot air fryer, a contact grill and

stainless steel cookware. How does

creating a new product work, where

do the ideas come from?

Five years ago, we decided to change

our entire strategy. Our aim is now

to change the perception of the

word ‘REMOSKA’ from a synonym

for a baking dish to a brand, and thus

open up greater possibilities for the

development of the entire company.

The cornerstone of the new strategy

was to add new product lines. Our

baking dish was the first one. After much

discussion, we came to the conclusion

that the baking lid itself was a stroke of

genius. So we started down the path

of adding more lids. The goal was to

transform a ‘single-purpose’ baking

dish into a multifunctional kitchen

appliance. The first addition to the

family was the Remoska ® Tria, which

can bake, cook and stew. In addition,

last year we answered customer

demand for a ‘no non-stick’ version

and launched the new Remoska Dua,

which combines baking with cooking.

We also want to expand into other

but the majority of our production is

to be filled with cookware. Clients will

soon see this cookware on the shelves

not only under the Remoska ® brand, as

we also want to attract other domestic

and foreign brands to move production

back to Europe.

Our plan is to build a new research

and development centre in Kopřivnice.

In this centre we should develop

popular home appliances which is why

we added the first hot air fryers and

a contact grill to our portfolio.

new products that will meet the high

standards of today‘s customers.

Personally, I am also looking forward

to the opening of a culinary centre. We

want to raise awareness in the region

that everything from our traditional

brand is produced just below the Beskid

Mountains and at the same time make

people develop their culinary skills

through interesting courses.

You are building a new production

hall in Kopřivnice for approximately

CZK 150 million CZK. The same

amount will be spent on technological

equipment. By how much percent

will your production expand thanks to

the new acquisition and what else will

the hall bring?

Our production capacity will increase

approximately five times. However, we

will not only be producing baking pans,

Mr Sartoris, thank you for the interview.

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