We Are Expanding

the Roster of Services

For Larger Customers

Do you host events? Does your company need a cleaning service, security team or transportation

of a valuable package? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you came to the right

place, as our company offers flexible services in five different regions.

As a company, you are more involved in

event-related services. Can you tell us

a little more about this?

Over the summer we participated in two

very large events in Ostrava- Colors of

Ostrava and Beats for Love. We were

stationed in a building that hosted after

parties. The services we provided included

security guards, cleaning, cloakroom staff,

among others. In the future, we would like

to focus more on this type of operation.

Recently, we have expanded our services

to include the transportation of valuable

packages and money.

the first workplace of a major client.

This technology will sooner or later

be a standard feature in the cleaning

services and we want to be ahead of the


codes in the customer’s

“ QRfacilities

to rate their

What is the vision of the future for your

company? What are your current goals?

We want to expand our customer base –

larger companies from different fields, as

this brings better stability to the company,

while decreasing risk. It is never good for

all your customers to be part of the same


satisfaction with our cleaning,

allowing us to react to

the customer’s needs

Your headquarters are located in Brno and

you also have a branch office in FrýdekMístek. Where are your customers from?

Our operations are constantly expanding

- currently we have customers in

the Moravian-Silesian, Zlín, Olomouc,

South Moravian and Pardubice regions.

Competition in your field must be fierce.

What is your company’s competitive


The largest companies within our field need

to complete certain logistical processes,

which slows down their response to

contracts. On the other hand, we have

maintained our speed, meaning we receive

an order and can then respond immediately,

no bureaucracy needed. Speed is one of

our biggest advantages, and our customers

value this aspect of our service. In addition,

we are very experienced in the services

we offer nd we are able to cover a wide

range of tasks. However, sometimes

mistakes are inevitable, and we try to be

the ones informing the customer about

those mistakes, while at the same time

implementing measures so they are not

repeated in the future.

Are there any new developments in

the technology of cleaning services?

Can digitisation be applied in this field?

Digitisation is something that I believe

has an application in almost every field,

however, when it comes to cleaning,

digitisation is applied differently than it

is in other fields. For example, QR codes

spread around the customer’s facilities

grants employees the ability to rate their

satisfaction with our cleaning, allowing

us to react to the customer’s needs and

erase any potential deficiencies. As for

noteworthy and new developments,

I should mention autonomous cleaning

machines that decrease the manpower

needed for certain projects. We closely

cooperate with Aros company, a leader

in automation of cleaning technology

and soon we want to implement

this autonomous cleaning robot to ǀ 51