Moravian-Silesian Businessmen

Will Meet at Poklad in Autumn of this Year

The Patrioti MSK Meeting aims to connect company owners and beginning entrepreneurs across

many different fields. The theme for the sixteenth installment of the region’s largest business

conference will be “Sell yourself, the product and your vision.”

The 16th Patrioti MSK Meeting, hosted

by the Patrioti MSK association, will

offer Moravian-Silesian entrepreneurs

inspiration for sustainable development

as well as new contacts. Visitors can

look forward to lectures, discussions,

networking and great gastronomy.

“We believe that many of the companies

in the region struggle to sell themselves.

Which is why this year, we invited three

special guests that will show our visitors

how a company can sell itself, its products

and its vision,” Tomáš Buchwaldek, one of

the Patrioti MSK cofounders, said about

this year’s event.

from Prague. His claim to fame is being

the savior of Vítkovice steelworks, Setuza,

ČSA and a long list of other companies.

However, you might also know him as

an investor, a Native American teacher,

and a lover of life. At this year’s Patrioti

MSK Meeting he will talk about crisis

management, growth, restructuring, and

how he was able to turn companies on the

verge of collapse into greatly profitable


The 16th Patrioti MSK Meeting will take

place on Thursday November 9th 2023 at

the Poklad culture house in Ostrava-Poruba.

Věra Palkovská, mayoress of Třinec and

also winner of the National Award of

the Czech Republic title ‘Personality of

the Year in Public Administration’, will talk

about how to succeed to the point where

you leave everyone wanting more of you.

With 5 re-elections, she is the longest

serving mayor in Czechia.

Speakers From Ostrava, Třinec and Prague

The event will feature Czechia’s best crisis

manager Václav Novák who will be visiting

Finally, the third speaker, Petr Jahn, will

reveal all the secrets behind foreign sales

from Ostrava to the rest of the world. His

start-up SprayVision is among the most

successful in the region, having customers

in each continent, and including names

such as Porsche, Lamborghini or Plastic


In Large Numbers

The organizers of the Patrioti MSK Meeting

are expecting an attendance of 400 to

500 entrepreneurs, mainly the owners

and members of management from small

and medium companies. The event is

open to the general public, and tickets can

be found at

Patrioti MSK is a group of entrepreneurs

that wants to help improve the image of

the Marvian-Silesian region. They support

local companies and other organizations

through knowledge, experience and

contact sharing. ǀ 69