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Neither a logistics park nor an industrial complex, P3 Ostrava Central, is a unique urban commercial and

industrial district that fills an empty space on the map of Ostrava while complementing the city. Aleš

Zacha, Head of Development at P3 Logistic Parks, reveals how the high-quality developer is achieving

ambitions for the new location, less than a year after the completion of the first stage of construction.

What makes your Ostrava project different from

your other parks?

P3 Ostrava Central is the first brownfield site that we

have developed in the Czech Republic. Comprising

44 hectares, it is the largest brownfield in the country,

now transformed into a modern industrial park.

All of our parks are strategically located with excellent

transport accessibility. In Vítkovice, we are in close

proximity to a vibrant area with cultural life that also

contains the city’s industrial history. This influence has

helped shape the whole concept of our project.

How does the local environment affect the design of

the logistics park?

The proximity to the city centre favours city logistics

and opens up opportunities in the retail and service

sectors. We wanted to create a place where businesses

can thrive, whether that’s large engineering units or

small trade. We want to support the continuing rise of

the Ostrava region.

An open space that’s accessible to everyone is the

complete opposite to what the site’s been like for

decades, as the area was inaccessible and dangerous

to move around in for many years. Therefore, we faced

the question of how to bring this grey spot on the

city’s map back to life, and this is why we launched an

architectural competition.

Can industrial development projects typically

proceed without the involvement of an architect?

That’s what makes our project unique. The winning

design by architect David Kotek of PROJEKTSTUDIO,

is based on a great idea The roads in the park are

intended to reflect the layout of neighbouring blocks,

and the structure was created by the architect Josef

Pleskot for the DOV. By using this type of design, our

park will naturally integrate into the layout of the city.

Another good idea was to change the orientation

of the halls themselves so that the trucks don’t drive

right up to them from the main street, which helps this

project feel like more than a logistics complex.

The first three halls are already standing in the park.

Can you tell us about the tenants who have rented them?

The mix of tenants in P3 Ostrava Central is varied.

Where else can a beer distributor, a baby goods

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retailer, a handling equipment supplier, a refrigeration

wholesaler, and a newspaper company, all meet in one

place? These are some of the tenants we have acquired

so far. We are currently negotiating with an investor

who is considering building a sports or leisure venue

here, which underlines the flexibility of our spaces.

How big of a space can be rented here?

In the first phase, we built a 28,000 m2 hall and two

smaller halls of 2,200 m2 and 1,200 m2. The interest

so far has been mainly in medium-sized and smaller

units, which shows how important it is that we can