Recently, information surfaced about

interesting archeological discoveries

at Kostelní Square in Ostrava,

where you are currently working on

the polyfunctional VÁCLAV building.

What was discovered at this site?

The rescue archeology research team,

composed of experts from the National

Monument Institute as well as the Ostrava

museum, documented four original

medieval city plots within the initial phase

of the construction site. One of the houses

previously hosted Ostrava’s first coffee

shop, dating back to 1827. Additionally,

a different structure contained three stone

building components that prpobably

belonged to the nearby St. Wenceslas

Church-one of Ostrava’s oldest buildings.

When will construction on the VÁCLAV

project begin? What will this project in

the center of Czechia’s third largest city

have to offer?

Construction should begin sometime

in 2024, and the project should be

completed at the turn of 2026 and 2027.

The VÁCLAV project will offer 16 housing

units with a total area of ​​

1 333 m2,​​

2 492 m2 of premium office space,

commercial space on a total area of ​​599

m2 and 76 parking spaces. The structure

will be divided into smaller, height graded

parts in order to comply and better blend

into the surrounding development in

the historical heart of Ostrava.

You completed a project called

ANTRACIT PorubkaPoint in Ostrava in

the summer. Can you elaborate on its

intended purpose and design?

The building will be used to house

the largest climbing center in the Moravian-Silesian region, called HANGAR Ostrava.

The climbing center will include a bistro,

a coffee shop and a children’s playground,

surely providing something for everyone

and offering great value to the public.

We have also launched another project

in Ostrava, called ANTRACIT Lívia, where

we will construct smart wooden houses

with photovoltaics and heat pumps.

Are there any other ongoing projects

that you are involved in around the

Czech Republic?

Yes, we are currently working on our

brownfield project ANTRACIT Plzeň in

a plot by the Plzeň main train station. We

are scheduled to begin reconstruction and

construction in 2024. The reconstructed

building will have an area of 2 260 m2, with

space for up to 5 renting units. We will also

be constructing a new 600m2 building

across from that site which could be used as

a warehouse. ANTRACIT Ústí nad Labem

is another one of our brownfield projects.

Currently, spatial planning work is being done

to complete the area’s complex revitalization.

This project will offer spaces appropriate for

production, storage or offices.


ANTRACIT PorubkaPoint

are great examples of our

ability to provide a complete

development service.

When it comes to your Slovakian

projects, construction of the ANTRACIT

Spot in Žilina began in spring of this

year. How is this project progressing?

Not too long ago we installed

the prefabricated reinforced concrete

skeleton which forms the main support

structure of the building. We are

planning to hand off the project to

the tenant by the end of January 2024.

The structure, located in the attractive

location of Žilina - Považský Chlmec, will

house a youth focused gymnastics and

parkour academy. ANTRACIT Spot and

ANTRACIT PorubkaPoint are great

examples of our ability to provide

a complete development service, from

searching for an appropriate location

to the construction and then later

maintenance of the property.

Tell us about your other Slovakian

project further in the east of the country

in Prešov.

This area is in high demand, and we are

currently conducting negotiations with

multiple potential customers. There

are two alternatives for the location in

Prešov - Záborské, it will either serve as

a showroom or store complex. The first

alternative would call for a singular hall with

an area of 40 850m2, with the possibility

of dividing the space up into smaller units.

The second alternative would involve three

separate structures with a total area of

36 500m2. The connection of the plot to

utility networks is already within its final steps.

You have finished the first phase of your

Senec project. Are preparations for

the second phase already underway?

We are finishing up the EIA and territorial




the second phase. We are planning to

begin construction of the 20 000 m2

structure at the end of the year 2024.

You presented ANTRACIT projects at the

prestigious fair in Cannes. What was the

outcome of participating in this event?

MIPIM 2023 is the largest event in

the development and construction

industries. At the fair we discussed

continued cooperation with foreign

companies from Czechia, Slovakia,

Hungary, Austria, Poland, Croatia,

Germany, Denmark and Italy.







companies already for the past couple

of years. However, we also focused on

the possibility of finding new potential

partners in other European countries.

What companies do you cooperate with

in your development projects?

The construction of our projects is

handled by the international construction

group HSF System, while the facility

management company SK Facility takes

care of the management and maintenance.

Mr. Kosa, thank you for the interview. ǀ 29