districts with support so they can maintain their properties

in the best state possible for the citizens. This not only

includes housing, but other factors as well. Today we have

a good understanding of the fact that operating costs are

equally as important as investment. It is important for us

to place a larger emphasis on city infrastructure and other

such projects that increase the quality of life for people.

Public spaces play an especially important role in this, as

they can make free-time and social activities for citizens

and visitors more appealing.

in 2023, the city has given almost 97 million crowns of

its budget towards the care and development of public

green spaces. Multiple foreign studies have concluded

that having plants around improves mood and decreases

stress. Greenery serves another purpose as well, as over

the period of ten hours every day it cools at a rate of up

to 7 kW. This ability greatly helps with the regulation of

microclimates and the mitigation of urban heat islands.

Personally, I would like to see Ostrava implement more

water based elements. For example, Vienna and its mist

The city is not planning to stop developing as long as

they have the finances and investors they need. Does

the city have these resources?

Yes, it does, and it is continually looking for new resources

and contacts. In October of this year, we are going to visit

the Munich Expo Real in order to establish these new

contacts and present a couple of interesting development

projects. We plan to present the Plzeňská street project,

which houses an area of 10 thousand m2 dedicated to

residential development and civil amenities. Then we

plan to talk about the T6 building in the Science and

Technology Park of Ostrava, in the context of which we

will be looking for parties interested in helping us construct

new commercial spaces for research and innovation.

We again will offer the building on Ostrčilova street for

reconstruction. There is a lot of real estate that the city can

offer. This includes the areas near Českobratrská street,

Černá louka, and a large plot of land for a residential block

between Poruba and Svinov, by Polská and Mongolská

streets. Lastly, we can offer more business related real

estate, such as on Českobratrská street in the Mošnov

industrial zone, or across from the airport, which offers

a large area for a business/administrative centre.

showers can be one of our inspirations. Greenery and

multifunctional spaces can work wonders. Time and

time again we are seeing that dedication to development

and investment projects pays off.

One thing is definitely clear- Ostrava is no longer

the coal black city it once was, and its visitors are

surprised at how much it has changed.

Yes, we allocate a significant portion of our focus

towards nature, parks and green spaces. Moreover,

our city’s budget is also substantial. For example, so far

So far in 2023, the city has given

almost 97 million crowns of its budget

towards the care and development

of public green spaces.

Do any of these projects include ones authored by

Ostrava’s citizens? Do any of these projects include

working with the citizens of Ostrava themselves?

Working with the citizens is amazing. When I first

came up with the idea of implementing participatory

budgeting back in 2016, I was the deputy mayor for

Ostrava-Jih and I had no idea that the citizens would have

so many good suggestions and such a desire to create,

cooperate, improve and solve issues together. This city

district, which is currently Ostrava’s most populated,

is now devoting 12 million crowns into the realisation

of these types of projects. The city-wide “Tvoříme

Prostor” project is offering another 4 million crowns

to the realisation of citizen projects. The participatory

budget is very open to and accommodating of new ideas

and this results in the citizens having a close relationship

with their city. Listening to the people always pays off.

Mrs. Tichánková, thank you for the interview.

Text: redakce

Foto: Jiří Zerzoň ǀ 21