How Do Some

of the Largest Global

Companies Work

With Individuals?

How do companies look for the best talent? How should

companies cooperate with those individuals in order to keep

them? Why should companies introduce modern technologies

such as Artificial Intelligence, automation, low-code and nocode into their company? How should they use these tools to

improve company culture? How to make use of the technological

potential of generation Z in any business? How to connect all

generations in order to jump-start business growth?

Do you find yourself asking similar

questions for your company but you

cannot find any answers? Well, there is

a solution. The Czech and global HR elite is

gathering for the 6th Annual “HRko” event

in Ostrava October 12th, 2023. As one of

the largest HR events, “HRko” focuses on

case studies from successful and influential

projects within talent management, human

resources and employer branding.

The schedule is filled from the morning till

evening, with the event featuring two stages

where you can learn about case studies

presented by numerous HR opinion leaders

from both Czech Republic and around

the world. The HR Solutions Festival will run

throughout the day, providing new benefits

for your company, education programs, and

partners for recruitment or HR digitisation.

led by Tereza Macháčková and Jirka Nečas

in which they will explain how recruitment is

conducted for global technology companies

such as Productboard or Deepnote, where

there is a significant demand for the world’s

elite talent. Vladimíra Michnová, head of

LINET Group’s HR department, will share

insights into how and why Linet embarked

on a global HR digitalisation journey

across all levels of the company. Jiří Havel

and Lukáš Havlásek from Notino will lead

a dual presentation. They had to redefine

their company values twice, as the initial

approach didn’t yield the desired results.

They will share their journey of improvement

and the development of their current values.

The closing event on the Vema main stage

will examine the data and statistics of the job

market, and for this segment, we have the

ideal guest, Tomáš Ervín Bombrovský from

LMC. This time, however, his data will focus

on Generation Z, including their interests,

motivations and most effective approach to

ensure they become valuable assets instead

of leaving before the trial period is even

over. All of this will be moderated by Jan

Smetana, who you may recognize from his

appearances on primetime ČT.

Tickets for this year’s HRko are nearly

sold out with only approximately 35 out

of the 500 tickets still available. This

demonstrates HRko is not just a conference;

it’s a celebration of HR and a festival of

HR solutions designed for anyone leading

a team and their team members. Don’t miss

out on this event!

Secure your spot at HRko 2023




This year, the organisers are placing special

emphasis on HR rooms. HRko will include

eight workshop zones where you can

gain first hand experience of growth and

development programs in leadership, strong

point support, HR digitisation, data analysis,

and employee research.

The headliners of this year’s HR Party and

HR Festival at the Vema main stage will

include Filip Dřímalka, who will speak

about the future of unemployment, GenZ

and AI technologies. Jan Jírovec, one of

the founding members of the investment

lions at Rockaway Capital group, will

participate in a moderated talk show, where

he will reveal the secrets of working with

generation Z and how they built their group

identity. There will also be a dual case study ǀ 71