adapt our spaces. The fact we have halls

that are accessible from both sides of the

site is another feature of this site’s flexible

design. We can divide the halls into smaller

units of around 1,200 m2.

For the next phases we are considering

small business units, a concept which

includes offices, showrooms, shops

and a small warehouse. The location is

absolutely ideal for this purpose, and

this urban concept is very popular with

various companies. However, that doesn’t

mean we’re giving up our ambition to be

an attractive location for manufacturers.

How will you appeal to manufacturers?

There is a shortage of quality, modern

manufacturing space throughout Europe

and in Ostrava. P3 is one of the few

developers offering halls for immediate

rent without the need of further


Another problem for manufacturing

companies is the labour supply. Today,

people have more choices about where

they want to work, and when making that

decision, they value things like having

a clean environment and good transport

accessibility. This is very positive for us

because you can travel to P3 Ostrava

Central by tram!

The park offers hot water heating and

we also have a gas connection, should

manufacturing companies require it.

We want to be as attractive as possible

to manufacturing clients and we are

currently handling several inquiries from

that sector including the food, machining

and automotive segments.

Do you see nearby Poland as

competition, or as a source of synergy?

When a global company considers

building a logistics hub for a large region,

it would probably prefer Brno, or even

more often neighbouring Poland. There

are opportunities in Poland for faster

construction, and more accessible

and cheaper labour. However, in the

Czech Republic we have a higher skilled

workforce and perhaps more flexibility in

smaller units.

There are still a large number of companies

for whom a presence in the Ostrava

region is crucial. Moreover, when I see

the huge shift in Ostrava’s transformation

from a mining region to a place that’s

home to the latest trends in architecture,

sustainability, education and business,

I have no doubt that the attractiveness

of the city and the entire region will

only continue to grow. I believe many

interesting companies from various fields

will operate in our park.

What’s coming to P3 Ostrava Central in

the next few months?

We are in continuous negotiations

with potential tenants, which are often

companies that have grown in recent years,

and for whom now is the time to move

their business forward in terms of quality.

This is a big step, so they pay attention to

every detail. We are also implementing

the next stage of construction. We are

working on three halls with a total area

of almost 30,000 m2, so that we can

welcome more tenants from September

of this year. I’m already looking forward to

seeing who will complement our existing

tenants in the park.

Mr. Zacha, thank you for the interview. ǀ 41