the investor. The result is 10 to 20%

cost savings compared to the general

contractor construction management

method. At the same time, the project

duration is reduced because there is no

need to tender for a general contractor.

Its major advantage is greater flexibility

- the investor can gradually incorporate

changes when selecting subcontractors,

thus being spared lengthy negotiations

with the general contractor on changes to

the signed contract.

How do you minimize the risks associated

with your projects for investors?

We manage risks and discover opportunities

for our investors. We significantly protect

their total investment costs. Strategy

implementation is a fundamental tool, with

the biggest risk being in project preparation.

That's why we dedicate the utmost care to it

- building comprehensive teams of experts,

managing proposals to the maximum budget

and applying value engineering principles.

Of course, we have a number of clients that

we help in the more advanced stages of

a project, just before construction begins or

we solve problems during the construction.

Even in these situations, risks can be

managed. That is, to be able to identify and

name them, to propose solutions and to

have the ability to implement solutions.

How do you integrate sustainability

and environmental responsibility

into your strategy?

We understand that the future of the

real estate market is connected with ESG

reporting requirements. We believe that

the market value of real estate will become

increasingly dependent on the energy

efficiency of the buildings. For buildings

older than 5-15 years, we recommend

conducting an energy feasibility study and

responding to changes in the market. This

is because neither tenants nor investors,

especially from global companies, will be

willing to accept energy inefficient buildings

in their selection process anymore. This will

be reflected in the rent and market value of

the building. Our goal is therefore to create

properties that are attractive to tenants

and investors while contributing to a more

sustainable future.

Mr. Semrád, thank you for the interview.

OM Consulting

has been providing project

management services in

the construction industry

since 2013. It has services for

all phases of construction and

development projects needed

for project management from

A to Z. The OM Consulting

team consists of experts in

technical due diligence and

bank monitoring; architecture

and design; cost management;

project management and

construction management.

Since its inception,

the Prague-based company

has participated in projects

and orders in the Czech

Republic worth tens

of billions of crowns. ǀ 33