Talent Pool program, on the other hand, gives young

talent the opportunity to start specializing in a specific

field depending on what interests them so that they

may eventually become specialists or team leaders.

In addition, we also offer our colleagues external

training and courses throughout the year along with

the opportunity to get work placements in foreign

branches of the Lenzing group.

1983 – The newly established state-owned

Paskov pulp mill starts production of pulp for

paper production.

1992 – The Czech Republic begins the process

of privatisation of major industrial companies,

including Biocel Paskov.

2001– The Austrian company

Heinzel - Gruppe, a leading European producer

of paper and pulp, becomes the new owner.

2010 – Austrian Lenzing Group becomes the

majority owner of the plant. Lenzing's strategic

goal is to secure long-term supply of its own

pulp for fibre production.

2011 – Lenzing begins the gradual

transformation of the plant, which entails

a change from paper pulp production to

high-quality viscose pulp for fibre production.

2015 – Successful completion

of the multi-year process of converting

production technology to fiber pulp

production. Increased production capacity

to 270,000 tonnes per year.

2018 – Change of company name to Lenzing

Biocel Paskov a.s.

2023 – Lenzing Biocel Paskov commemorates

the 40th anniversary of the plant's start-up. ǀ 85