and Key Trends,

all of This and Much More at

Colors of Finance 2023!

The Sixth Colors of Finance Conference will take place in

the Aula at the Gong Multifunctional Center in Ostrava-Vítkovice

on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023. The largest networking event

for finance professionals will once again offer a diverse showcase

in the world of finance.

Workshops, lectures, panel discussions

with leading Czech specialists, investors

and company owners, will focus on

themes related to finance, investment

and personal development. This event

offers finance professionals a unique

opportunity to learn about the newest

trends in consulting business and connect

with colleagues and business partners.

Last year, the event hosted 1,239 guests

and this year the same turnout is expected.

A Packed Schedule Full of Education and


This year, the organizers have prepared

a special program that will be even

more interactive and will include direct

involvement with the audience. The

program starts at 9am and will be

moderated by the famous Česká Televize

host, Jana Peroutková. The opening

ceremony will be headlined by Jan Krkoška,

Governor of the Moravian-Silesian

region, which granted the conference its


the current CEO of Shopsys, will take the

stage. Matěj's journey began modestly as a

marketing intern, but in less than six years,

he rose to the top. At Colors of Finance, we

can look forward to exclusive insights into

their career journeys.

useful information, tips and feedback

from more experienced colleagues.

Participating in the conference will help

you open the door towards new business

opportunities and partnerships.

Our TIP: Why take part in Colors of


Professional knowledge is not always

the most important part of succeeding

as a financial consultant. Building up

relationships with people within your

field is equally important. This networking

opportunity will allow you to gain

Inspirational Stories: Václav Staněk and

Matěj Kapošváry

You can look forward to a captivating

combination of inspirational stories and

entrepreneurial dedication. Václav Staněk,

the founder of the renowned footwear

brand Vasky, is the head of the speakers.

In his speech, Václav will share a story

about how he managed to build upon the

rich shoemaking tradition of Zlín and the

values and motivations that drive him in his

current business, especially in uncertain

times. Alongside him, motivational speaker

Matěj Kapošváry, a native of Ostrava and ǀ 67