The Moravian-Silesian Region

Is Heading to the EXPO REAL Fair

One key goal of the regional development agency, Moravskoslezské Investice and Development a.s., is

working on the preparation of attractive real estate for new investors and the expansion of companies

that already operate in the region. Former mining areas have a lot of potential in this regard, which is

why the region is focused on their transformation. Larger areas of this kind are especially relevant when

considering the construction of new industrial parks, while smaller areas may be used for urban complexes.

One of the key transformation targets for

the Moravian-Silesian region is the former

mining area in Karviná. This 60 km2 area

between the cities of Karviná, Havířov

and Orlová, was previously used for coal

mining and other industrial purposes.

Thanks to the POHO2030 program, life is

slowly being returned to the landscape and

it is once again becoming a more suitable

for people to use. An example of how this

is being done is the POHO Park Gabriela

strategic project, which aims to take one

of the area’s old buildings and turn it into

a free-time center where people can relax

and even find some entertainment and

education. All of this is, of course, being

done while paying respect to the tradition

and history of the area.

The Expo Real trade fair will give

the MS region the opportunity to

present not only brownfield areas for

industrial development, but also other

real estate suitable for housing or

commercial development as well. In

addition, the modern industrial park, and

the POHO Park Gabriela and Eden Silesia

projects will also make for great examples

The EXPO REAL trade fair will take place in Munich from

the 4th to the 6th of October 2023, and will focus on the real

estate market, investment opportunities, development

projects (residential as well as commercial), architectural

trends, and property land development. The fair boasts

a large attendance that includes many developers, investors,

development agencies, end users, professional consultants,

architects and representatives of many different countries,

and regional and city governments.

The joint presentation of Prague, Ostrava

and the Moravian-Silesian region will be held

in booth 430 in hall A2 of the Munich exhibitions grounds.

of projects in education, research and

free-time infrastructure.

The trade fair offer will then be rounded

out by a selection of real estate owned by

individual cities or private entities within

the region. The Moravian-SIlesian region is

looking for partners that will play an active

role in the region’s development and

through their projects will fuel the region’s

further growth and prosperity. ǀ 17