Can Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Afford Digitisation and Automation?

I believe that they can, and in some respects,

they have to. Nonetheless, they also do not

have access to the same resources as larger

companies, and so they cannot purchase

expensive systems or build up high-tech

workspaces. This is why small and mediumsized companies need to take a different,

more systematic and efficient approach.

I spoke to one of the founders of EDIMA

Solutions, s.r.o., Jakub Szlaur, to get his

insight about this topic.

should determine what data we should

collect, why we are collecting it, and how

it will be analyzed and utilized to improve

and optimize processes.

This leads to the importance of connecting

hardware and software within small

and medium- sized businesses. Proper

integration can significantly increase

operating efficiency and make sure that

the technological solutions truly meet

the company’s needs.

What possibilities do you believe small

and medium sized businesses have for

effective digitisation?

Nowadays, there are numerous tools

available to help with digitization. Small

and medium-sized businesses often find

open-source projects to be valuable

resources for their digital transformation

efforts. These projects offer a diverse

range of tools and resources without

requiring substantial initial investments.

Additionally, it is important to focus on

the economic value of data. Businesses

What about the use of Artificial

Intelligence in the technological processes

of small and medium-sized businesses?

Currently, we are seeing massive growth

in AI technology, mainly in so-called

LLM’s, or Large Language Models, which

includes ChatGPT from OpenAI or Bard

from Google. Thanks to their flexibility,

these models are able to quickly adapt

to the specific needs of small and

medium- sized businesses. For example,

such a model can be used to quickly

generate documents containing relevant

information regarding technical error

analysis and in addition to that, it can

immediately offer you potential causes

and solutions. This is just one example, so

it is clear to see why Artificial intelligence

is becoming such an important part of

modern business, offering small and

medium-sized businesses the tools

to reach higher efficiency and gain

a competitive advantage in the market.

From our discussion about the topic,

it seems that obtaining hardware and

software tools for digitisation isn’t

that difficult, however, the real crux of

the process lies in proper and effective





influence success are the readiness of

the employees within the company and

within the professional level of experts

that take part in the implementation


Text: Miroslav Marek, New Dimension s.r.o.

Jakub Szlaur, EDIMA Solutions, s.r.o. ǀ 53