OM Consulting,

a Strong Partner in All Phases

of a Construction Project

In 2013, Michal Mühlbauer and Ondřej Vala joined forces to create OM Consulting company

with one goal: to bring the best solutions to construction customers for their projects and buildings.

Today, with a team of 95 professionals, they are one of the largest companies in the Czech Republic

in this field. How did they do it? Pavel Semrád, CEO of the company, will tell you.

What are your main areas of activity and

development strategy for the company?

We are currently one of the leading Czech consulting

companies in the field of construction project

management. We pride ourselves with listening to

the needs of investors and providing services at all stages

of a project. This means that we know how to materialize

the initial idea into a study, prepare pricing for the budget,

provide complex design activities, value engineering and

Pavel Semrád

comes to the company with more than 20 years of

experience in the field of development, real estate,

finance and the investment market. In the past, he led

teams at CPI Property Group in the position of director

of development and then asset management in the

Czech Republic and Slovakia. He has been at the head

of OM Consulting since June 2022.

manage implementation. At OM Consulting, we guide

the investor through the project from A to Z.

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OM Consulting

The situation in property development has become

more complex in the last year, can you tell us about

the current challenges?

The rise in interest rates, renergy prices, and the costs

of construction works and materials make it difficult to

implement projects within the original budgets. Our

know-how and solutions are based on our colleagues

in the cost management department who monitor and

evaluate the prices of materials and construction works

and the conditions of the construction market. Part

of cost management is value engineering - finding the

optimal construction solution in relation to the price.

This is now a key part of project preparation. We map

out the strategy for securing the budget already at

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the planning stage. And when it comes to construction

execution, we offer management of the project with a

general contractor and, as an alternative, construction


Can you explain the concept of construction

management in more detail?

Construction management consists in selecting

and managing construction subcontractors for