Next Year IPH Servis Morava

Will Celebrate the 30th Anniversary

Since the Beginning of Entrepreneurial

Activities by Ing. Pavel Halfar,

the Company’s Founder

Professional consulting was supplemented by other activities, including assessments of the

technical state of devices, proposals for repair scopes, and the determination of technological

procedures, all in the fields of engineering and energetics. This list of services was later expanded

further to include the servicing and maintenance of devices primarily designed for cleaning heat

exchanging surfaces, which directly impact on emission levels.

Today, the company is based in its own facility in Baška,

and has expanded its operations to include production.

The company’s range of activities is still closely related

to the delivery of boiler fuels, flue gasses, cleaning,

compensator delivery, sealing flaps and single-purpose

machines. The company’s growth is directly tied to

the professional development of its nearly 40 employees,

most of whom are service technicians and contract

implementers. These individuals serve as the hands and

face of the company. They visit customers to understand

their needs and requirements, diagnose issues, propose

solutions and address defects. Each contract is overseen

by a Head of Realization team, who takes on the role of

an IPH salesperson when communicating with customers,

diagnoses problems, determines appropriate technological

procedures for solutions, resolves issues, ensures

the functionality of the devices, completes audit reports

and assembly logs, and handles other essential tasks. IPH

currently employs 5 Heads of Realization team, and below,

you can find a brief introduction from each one of them.

Václav Dobrovolský

vedoucí realizace

Head of Realization Team

Václave, vy jste novou posilou týmu vedoucích

realizace. Jak se vám v IPH daří?

Daří se mi dobře, protože tým kolegů mě přátelsky přijal a spolupráce se odehrává na vysoké odborné úrovni. V předchozím zaměstnání jsem byl v roli odběratele

servisních služeb, takže je pro mne zajímavé být nyní

na straně těch, kteří tento servis naopak klientům nabízejí. Mám pětadvacet let zkušeností v údržbě strojních

zařízení v energetice – z tohoto důvodu to pro mě po

technické stránce až tak velká změna není. Momentálně se stále seznamuji se zákazníky a jednotlivými zařízeními. Práce v IPH je zajímavá, probíhá pokaždé na

jiném místě a řeším různorodou problematiku údržby

technologií. Musím si poradit za všech okolností, ale

vím, že na to nikdy nejsem sám.

Václav, you are the Head of Realization Team newest

addition. How are you faring at IPH?

I believe that I am doing quite well thanks to the fact

that my colleagues welcomed me with open arms and

our cooperation together is kept on a professional

level. At my previous job, I often took on the role of

the customer when it came to servicing, therefore

it is interesting for me to now take on the position

of someone that offers this service for others. I have

25 years of experience in machinery maintenance

within the field of energetics, which means that

technically, this job is not that much of a change

for me. Currently, I am getting familiar with our

customers and each of the individual devices we

service. My work at IPH is very interesting because

I go through a lot of different settings and I am

met with a diverse roster of problems pertaining to

technology maintenance. I have to be prepared for

many different scenarios, but I am reassured to know

that I am never facing them alone. ǀ 91