If you are looking for a place to have a comfortable stay within reach of the beautiful Beskydy nature, you can be sure that you have just found it!

 Maralák lies in a picturesque valley between Nořičí hora and Velká Stolová, on the border between the villages of Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem and Trojanovice. You can enjoy views of all the main peaks of the Beskid Mountains - Smrk, Kněhyně, Čertův mlýn, Radhošť, Skalka and Ondřejník directly from the hotel rooms.

The newly built hotel will provide you with maximum comfort, whether you are going on holiday, attending a business meeting or for tourism. In addition, you can take a yoga lesson here in a cozy yoga studio. “We have qualified instructors and organize various yoga classes: bikram yoga, beginner classes, sports classes, skill classes, and then classics such as hatha, gentle morning yoga, and vinyasa yoga,” commented the owner of the hotel and certified yoga instructor Vlastimil Vícha.

We look forward to your visit.