Five years ago, Viktor Krahulec finished his studies at the 1st International School of Ostrava with the IB Diploma Programme, which catapulted him to the University of Manchester, UK. A one-year internship at H&M‘s main production office in Stockholm turned his life upside down, and that‘s how he found himself at Freshlabels.

How did you find your dream job?

I work as a buyer at Freshlabels, a leading Czech online e-shop focusing on design, quality and, above all, sustainability. My path to Freshlabels was lead through studying at the 1st International School of Ostrava and then Manchester Fashion Institute, majoring in Fashion Business and Management.

How did it go for you?

The 1st International School of Ostrava above all gave me the ability to think critically and solve problems in my own way. It also gave me the confidence to not be afraid to think about challenges in my own way and to believe in the process that I will evaluate as the best. The 1st International School of Ostrava is unique in that it does not hand over information to students, but rather acquires, sorts and applies the tools for it themselves. At the same time, it is a school that gives students space for individuality, self-realization and, most importantly, success.

So your self-realization was at the Manchester Fashion Institute? 

Yes, after completing my studies at an international high school, I decided to continue in the direction that was closest to me and entered the Manchester Fashion Institute, majoring in Fashion Business and Management. However, I really got into buyer shopping through an internship at H&M’s main production office in Stockholm. It was there that I bought clothes for the whole world. Even though the internship gave me a huge amount of new experience and skills, the most important thing I took away from it is a clear idea of ​​what I want in life, and especially what I don’t want to do - bring more and more clothes made under bad conditions into the world in huge amounts. And so I found myself in Prague at Freshlabels. Freshlabels is a Czech e-shop focusing on the sustainability and quality of the products it offers.

Why Freshlabels? What makes this company unique?

Freshlabels is a leader in sustainability both in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe, with more than 70% of its portfolio consisting of brands that, based on its own questionnaire, that are developed in cooperation with Patagonia, and evaluates it as sustainable. It then applies sustainability not only to the product, but to all its processes. An example of this is  that 92% of all shipments are sent in already used boxes. This demonstrates an exemplary path to sustainability, which must always start first and foremost with each of us.

Viktor, thank you for the interview.