The Czech company 24 VISION

has received an investment

totaling 37.5 million CZK

Their artificial intelligence technology is already revealing production

errors in automotive and is being prepared for the global market.

The Czech company 24 VISION has developed a tool that uncovers 99% of errors in

automotive manufacturing and has received an investment of 37.5 million CZK for its further

development. Thanks to the finances provided by Y Soft Ventures, Nation 1 and the QPAG

group, 24 VISION can focus on the further development of its scalable product and its

preparation for the global market.

Technologies developed by 24 VISION

are already being used in the production

processes of some of the largest players

in the automotive industry, which has

given them a great reputation among

global leaders in the industry. In a matter

of seconds, the system analyzes products

and their quality, with an accuracy 10 times

higher than that of the human eye. Thanks to

machine learning, the system is able to not

only identify configuration errors, but also

hidden defects. This product, which offers

great potential in many different segments,

caught the attention of multiple investors.

“Companies within the automotive industry

typically produce up to thousands of different

variants of their products, and supervising

this level of production is difficult for even

a number of machines, not to mention

people. We founded 24 VISION with this

exact problem in mind, as it affects essentially

the entire industry,” Martin Hriško, CEO of

24 VISION, said. “Today, our solution can

be picked up and implemented into virtually

any serial production line. We teach our

system how to recognize any product form,

including any variation or customer specific

products. This allows us to easily weave our

system into any variable form of production,”

Martian Cviček, CTO of 24 VISION, added.

Currently, 24 VISION has implemented their

system into the assessment of car doors,

dashboards, car seats and small painted

components. This technology is actively

being used by the largest domestic car

manufacturer, ŠKODA AUTO, Brose CZ

and companies within the Hyundai Motor

Czech group. Other car manufacturers are

exhibiting interest in the system as part of

their pilot projects.

The lead investor, Y Soft Ventures, sees the

scalability and universality of the solution as

its largest competitive advantage. “Start-ups

that make use of computer vision for quality

control often start as project businesses,

which is hard to scale up. 24 VISION is

already well past this process and now knows

how to switch to a scalable business model.”

Lukáš Konečný, junior partner at Y Soft

Ventures, explained.

The company, 100% REWORK, a Czech

leader in quality control services, is part of

QPAG group’s portfolio. According to Martin

Hriško, representatives of both companies

see great potential in possible cooperation.

24 VISION is planning to use the investments

they received to develop a scalable product

that will be easy to implement on the global

playing field. “Our artificial intelligence

system has an essentially endless list of

possibilities, and there are many fields that

would benefit from the elimination of human

error. Our vision is to develop an easy to

implement product that significantly limits

the appearance of hidden errors and defects

in production,” Martin Hriško added.

POSITIV 4/2022 ǀ 21