Best of British Cars (B of B Cars) has been a prominent local piece of British culture. This authorized sales and service dealership, dealing with the legendary car brands Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR), is continuing to grow and develop its operation. What is the current status of British car brands in the Moravian-Silesian Region and what changes can current and new customers expect in the next couple years? Owner and manager of B of B Cars, Ing. David Kiša, gave us a closer look into the world of Jaguars and Land Rovers.

Mr. Kiša, how is B of B Cars handling the current situation of the automotive industry?

Well, we are following our own path in adapting to new challenges, like we always do. Our operation relies on manufacturers and importers, and the situation is currently quite turbulent. However, we have always relied on our quick adaptability, which is one of our biggest advantages. Instead of complaining, we focus on getting the most out of our clear cut relationship with Jaguar Land Rover. Sometimes, we would love nothing more than to travel to one of the JLR manufacturing plants in England or Slovakia and help construct the cars ourselves, but this is unfortunately not possible.

You are probably referring to current issues regarding the delivery dates on new vehicles, am I right?

Yes, that is one of the biggest difficulties we are facing right now. The demand for our technologically advanced models is very high, the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Defender lines in particular are highly sought after. These models are also very popular globally, which can lead to delays in component delivery. Nevertheless, the manufacturer is facing this issue head on, and I am convinced that they are doing whatever they can to mitigate it. Fortunately, the situation seems to be getting better now.

Jaguar Land Rover is preparing even larger changes for us though, is that right?

You are absolutely correct, and this is also one of the reasons why I am optimistic about the future. JLR’s “Reimagine” strategy and new direction of “modern luxury” aims to make them the most sought after manufacturer of luxury vehicles, and provide the best possible care for their demanding customers. We can expect the full electrification of Jaguar and an expansion of the Land Rover model line. I cannot disclose more than that at the moment.

Your company is well known for providing high quality services.

Our relationship with the customer does not end after they purchase a vehicle. In fact, that is where it begins. We open the doors to a luxurious world that the British royal family and the world’s top athletes are part of, and offer it to our clients within the Czech environment. We want to offer this great historical legacy to the people that have entrusted us to fulfill one of their material dreams, to our customers.

How do you achieve this?

Through events and cooperation. There are things that cannot be purchased with money, events which cannot be attended without an invitation. We want our clients to feel extraordinary, exceptional and proud. We offer exclusive experiences such as tickets to the preview of a new Bond movie, attendance at the fashion show of leading Czech designer Beata Rajská, VIP seats at the Baník football or handball stadium, and much more. To a certain extent we operate as a sort of unique experience provider.

At B of B Cars you also work on projects that, at first glance, have little in common with the sale of luxury vehicles. Can you tell us more about this?

Thank you for asking. First of all, selling new vehicles will always be our primary form of business. However, if we continue to be successful, we will continue to develop new additional automotive projects. Not only is that something we enjoy doing, but it also generates added value for our customers. One of these endeavors, for example, is our racing team, which now has three special edition vehicles for endurance races. Anyone interested can join us at official races or circuits. We also have an interest in purchasing, renovating and then selling classic cars and youngtimers. Recently, we had to purchase special premises to further develop this passion of ours. Furthermore, we are working with the British Chamber of Commerce to prepare a special event featuring historical and contemporary British vehicles for the Spring of 2023.

Your clients have a lot to look forward to.

Definitely. All of these accompanying endeavors represent our efforts to provide our customers with something more. I strongly believe that B of B Cars clients are the most cared for, and they deserve it.

This has to require large staff and financial resources.

That is true. However, we believe that it is an investment that will pay off in the long run. Ultimately, it is our people who do the most critical work, not money. I firmly believe that outsourcing even a fraction of what we do would not yield the same result. At B of B Cars, we are all devoted to providing the best possible services. Our long term employees have proven that they can deliver quality worthy of representing the Jaguar and Land Rover brands.

Mr. Kiša, thank you for the interview.