How about a fluffy croissant with a cup of delicious coffee? We visited a young couple to find out more about their interesting business idea and vision. You can already taste the results of their work in several croissant-points.

How long did it take to build your Croissant house?

Two years – at first we baked not very successful pieces just following videos from TikTok, then amateurishly at home, and later on with professional machines. We also took some courses and renovated our premises. In May we opened the shop and were amazed – it was sold out in an hour. At first we were only open two days a week, now it’s six days and we sell every day in Avion.

We have our main premises in the city centre, where it’s the closest for us and a lot of people go there. The city owns it and they are trying to support the business in that part of town,  therefore the rent is acceptable for us.

Why croissants?

We were looking for something that wasn’t here yet. There are plenty of cafés and sweets, but you can’t have a croissant more often and preferably with a good coffee, so it seemed like the perfect idea. And so far there weren’t any in Ostrava. We wanted to be the first. We had a few insights from France, where the classic butter ones are popular, but here people want mainly the ones with filling - pistachios, mascarpone, etc. We try to make seasonal fillings as well. We are now importing ingredients from France, mainly 84% butter. Czech ingredients are different, it wouldn’t be the same.

You have recently expanded your premises – was this your intention from the beginning?

We were approached by Avion Shopping Park - we chose the form of a sales kiosk there. Many people go to Avion, more than to the city centre. And some are already coming to us on purpose. In Poruba, we work with the Greek café Meraki on Main Street. They make excellent coffee, we rented a small space there – we call it a croissant-point – and thus we have a “branch” in another part of the city. Similarly, we would like to approach other good cafés for mutually beneficial cooperations, including a share of the rent. In Frýdek-Místek, for example, Kavalo makes wonderful coffee. And coffee and croissant go well together.  We have also contact with Laura Coffee, and through them we supply to the ZOO and Svinov train station , where they also have a kiosk.

In the future we are thinking about Opava because it is close to Ostrava, or Olomouc, where there are many students. We can’t do it alone, so if someone wants to open a franchise, we can make a deal.

We also do commissions and we can offer companies catering for their events.

Do you do everything yourself?

No, we have about fifteen temporary workers, mostly students. We put a lot of emphasis on first impression when we We teach them everything and if they really want to work they can improve quickly. We bake 170 to 200 pieces a day. We are also trying to bake colored pieces or cronuts. We’re like a family, and there is always a good atmosphere, so we believe we can do it together.

Thank you for the interview and we wish all of your plans to come true.