The traditional meeting of members and supporters of the MS Union took place during the gala evening REGION PRO SEBE. The gala evening commemorated the 30th Anniversary of the MS Union and celebrated the ALMANAC published for this anniversary. The evening also featured the announcement of the winners of the „Personalista roku 2022“ competition and the awarding of the POSITIV Business & Style magazine in the area of „Positive Achievements for the Development of MS Region “. On this occasion we interviewed Ing. Radúz Mácha, Director of the Personalista roku.

Mr. Director, with what objective did the signatories of the Declaration establish your Association?

The beginning of the 1990s was a period of rapid social change. Regional self-government had ceased to exist and the regional government did not exist yet. It was necessary to create an environment for the support and new direction of the whole region and the creation of a completely new industrial structure. This task was successfully undertaken by a new, completely non-political institution, the North Moravian Economic Union, based on the principle of partnership and cooperation. The most important industrial companies of the region joined it.

 What are the most significant traces left behind by the Association?

There were many of them, and very significant ones. Today, for example, few people know that the MS Union was one of the three founders of the Regional Development Agency, which in 1995, together with the Statutory City of Ostrava and three regional universities, established the Ostrava Science and Technology Park. The MS Union has also played a historically significant positive role in addressing the region’s transport accessibility, particularly through its strong and tireless influence on the relevant central authorities in the construction of the D47 motorway and the modernisation of key railway junctions and lines. 

For more than 10 years, the MS Union has organised the “Industrial Landscape” conferences, focused on conceptual solutions for further use of the territory affected by mining and industrial activities. For more than twenty years we have been organising the conference WASTE 21, addressing current issues of waste management and its energy recovery. Within the structure of the MS Union, the activities of the MS Employment Pact and the pilot testing of elements of dual education in MSK were also launched. Over the years, the MS Union has been involved in a number of development transformation projects.  

And what about the future?

The 30th anniversary is undoubtedly a good occasion to celebrate, reflect, thank, but also to reflect on the future. The MS Union currently still represents a strong potential of active subjects who are not indifferent to the future of the region and who are ready to actively move it forward towards its prosperity and balanced development, and to cooperate in a coordinated way with all those who wish to do the same. 

Výsledky soutěže Personalista roku 2022

Competition results 

Kategorie velký podnik / Large enterprise category:

Ing. Radomír Mikoláš (KOVONA SYSTEM, a.s.)

Kategorie střední podnikMedium enterprise category:

Ing. Petra Klementová (FERRIT s. r. o.)

Kategorie malý podnik / Small enterprise category:

Ing. Věra Macáková (TPO Development, s.r.o.)

Zvláštní cena partneraSpecial Partner Award:Miluše Jeřábková, DiS.


Všem vítězům a finalistům srdečně gratulujeme!

Congratulations to all winners and finalists! 

Mr Mácha, thank you  for the interview.