help you remedy that. In September, you can

look forward to the opening of our Forbes

Ideal Place Women’s Growclub. It will be

focused on the support of female business

owners of small- to medium-sized Czech

companies, helping streamline management

and assist growth. The Growclub will follow

a strong ethical codex so that women can

feel free to openly share their troubles and

receive guidance.

is only after one truly has

“ Ita solid

grasp of this field

somewhat of a Renaissance woman.

What field is closest to you nowadays?

All my past career endeavours helped

me develop my ability to adapt to new

fields, which is very helpful for the current

work I do at the association. Economics

and administrative work are big parts

of agriculture. The current economic

situation is proof of this. As to what field

is closest to me right now? Definitely

agriculture. You see, it is only after one

truly has a solid grasp of this field that one

the motto, ‘You need to aim high to get

your blood pumping’. Another one of my

favourites is, ‘Never take criticism from

someone you would not ask for advice’.

learns the real importance of proper soil

and crop upkeep. Thinking ahead and

managing the state in which we hand over

our soil to the next generation is critical.

The almost complete disappearance

of generational succession further

emphasises the necessity of this foresight.

Pradědem and later in Ostrava. Therefore,

the region is close to my heart; I always

enjoy my time there and try to return

regularly. Karlova Studánka is one of

my personal favourite places. I cherish

memories of when I used to spend my

summers there, whether for relaxation or

for a summer job at the spa resort.

We know you live in Eastern Bohemia. How

much time do you spend in the Moravian-Silesian Region? Do you have a favourite

place here that you like to visit?

I grew up in the Moravian-Silesian Region,

in Karlovice. I studied in Vrbno pod

that one learns the real

importance of proper soil

and crop upkeep.

Could you tell us what major goal have

you set for yourself in this upcoming year?

Currently, our main goals include building

up a wider web of cooperation between

regional clubs, setting up certain internal

processes and updating our website along

with the membership benefits section.

Next, I would like to focus on magnifying the

fluidity and satisfaction of our cooperation

with members and partners. Last but

not least, I want to ensure the smooth

operation of our projects while maximising

their capacity. Further steps would

then include an update of the Women

50+ project and a revival of the Next

Generation project, which had to be halted

due to the COVID pandemic. These two

programmes are aimed at young, talented

individuals because children are our future.

We would like to place our children on

the right path and show them the ropes of

business at a young age. We want to teach

them the value of time, work, money and

having good morals.

What do you consider to be the CMAFEM’s

main mission and what, specifically, do you

think it gave or taught you?

The CMAFEM’s motto is, ‘We help women

grow and do business’. We fulfil this goal

through all of the projects we have in store

for our members and through intensive

cooperation with them. Networking

and cross-selling are endorsed within

the association. We also organise business

missions abroad which allow us to support

not only our members but other local

businesswomen, as well. All of this gives

our members new opportunities to grow as

people and expand their business potential.

You were once a model; you have

worked in finance and insurance;

and now you operate in ecological

agriculture. All of this makes you

You have built yourself quite the resume

and have many ambitious goals for

the future. Do you have a life motto?

When it comes to those goals you

mentioned, recently I started using

Mrs Krejsová, thank you for the interview,

and we wish you the best.

Text: redakce

Foto: archiv Romany Krejsové

POSITIV 2/2022 ǀ 19