Havířov Is Prepared in Advance for

the Introduction of a Circular Economy

The waste management sector, like the energy sector, is undergoing a turbulent transformation.

The changes in the area of waste management are a result of a European Union regulation

initiative. The town of Havířov has reacted to these changes in advance and, through CEVYKO,

a.s., is implementing a project that will result in the construction of a modern and efficient

technological facility for the processing of municipal waste.

Sorting will be carried out by a processing

line consisting of sub-machines which

will ensure the execution of individual

technological steps. The objective of

the whole process is to sort the waste

into individual products which, after

mechanical treatment by pressing

or shredding, will be sent to further

specialised processing facilities such as

recycling lines, composting plants or

energy sources. The inspiration came

from the most modern technological

lines which already work reliably in some

European countries such as Norway,

Poland and Spain. The CEVYKO project

is built on three basic pillars: stateof-the-art



for waste treatment, continuity and

compliance with the complex changes

in the legislation of the Czech Republic

and the European Union, and a future in

responsible and modern municipal waste


The shareholders of CEVYKO, a.s.

are the Statutory Town of Havířov,

ASOMPO, a.s. (which associates fortyfive municipalities and towns in the Nový

Jičín Region), and the Association for

Municipal Waste Management, z.s. for

municipalities and towns in the regions

of Karviná and Nový Jičín. The principle

of the Municipal Waste Management

Association is that through it other

municipalities and towns from a wider

area can join CEVYKO. Intensive

negotiations are currently underway with

other municipalities that want to jointly

address the issue of waste management

in the longer term than the election

period. The meaning of the project and

the foresight of the involved shareholders

to changes in legislative requirements is

also proved by the fact that this project

has the maximum possible support from

the Moravian-Silesian Region, which

follows the waste management plan.

In addition to waste treatment, the CEVYKO

project brings an educational centre not

only for primary, secondary and university

students in the field of waste management

but also for the general public. The project

has a vision and strategy to collaborate in

future with university research sectors

dealing with waste issues and the industry

sectors focused on science, research and

innovation in this promising and important

area. Scientific and innovative activities

will be closely linked with the business

sector not only within the MoravianSilesian Region so that the results of

research are put into practice.

We want to be a leader in municipal

waste treatment as well as in science

and research. This additional added value

will support business and employment in

the city of Havířov.

POSITIV 2/2022 ǀ 25