Silesian Versailles, as the castle in Slezské

Rudoltice is called, can be found in the village

of the same name. The four-winged, onestorey, Baroque chateau with an entrance

tower used to be an important cultural

centre of Silesia. The building is surrounded

by a French garden and a natural English

park enriched by a castle lake. The chateau

complex with the adjacent park has been

a protected monument since 1963.

Slezské Rudoltice Chateau is a cultural

monument in which historical collections

are installed. It is equipped with

paintings, art objects and historical

furniture. It is one of the most popular

tourist destinations and the most visited

places in the region. The castle allows

wedding ceremonies in certain areas of

the castle. During wedding ceremonies,

tourist traffic in the wedding premises of

the chateau is restricted.

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