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The GYNCENTRUM Ostrava clinic was established in 1993, which makes it one of

the centres with the longest professional history in the Czech Republic. In 2016, it became

part of the PRONATAL Clinic Group. Thanks to this important step, it has also changed its

identity and is going to welcome its clients under the new name PRONATAL Ostrava. It

currently provides their clients with complex services in the field of assisted reproduction,

prenatal diagnostics, prenatal care including prenatal courses, gynaecology, urology and

mastology. MUDr. Petr Matlák, the head doctor of the clinic, told us more about their work.

To begin, could you briefly introduce yourself

in terms of your professional focus?

My professional focus is the field of gynaecology

and obstetrics, which I have been doing since 2004.

This field includes a number of sub-specialisations, of

which obstetrics and related prenatal care—the care

of pregnant women, including ultrasound diagnosis

of congenital developmental and genetic defects of

the foetus—appealed to me the most. I have devoted

a substantial part of my career so far to this area. Over

the years, you meet patients with a different scope

of problems and diagnoses, of course. For women of

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