French and Italian Sustainability

in the Moravian-Silesian Region

The connection between the Moravian--Silesian Region and Italy and France may be surprising

for many people. We can see some similarities in the leaning church in Karviná, which leans even

more than its more famous counterpart in Pisa; in the countless pizzerias across towns and villages

throughout the region; and in a passion for regional football clubs. In terms of economic cooperation,

finding links is much easier. Dozens of Italian and French companies operate across the whole region.

They cover a wide range of activities from engineering to logistics, power engineering to water

management. All these companies chose the Moravian-Silesian Region as their second home.

Today's trend, not only in business,

is to focus on sustainability and the

reduction of environmental impact. This

is also the case with French and Italian

companies operating in our region. One

of the pioneers is the Italian company

Brembo, which produces brakes for

premium cars. They strive to produce

their products in such a way that they are

the smallest possible source of pollution

for their surroundings. The result, for

example, is a new type of brake disc

that, thanks to an innovative brake

surface treatment, reduces wear and

dust emissions during braking while

extending brake disc life. But innovation

is not only about new products; it is

also about production processes. This

includes, for example, the introduction

of efficient water recycling systems or

heat recovery systems that allow energy

savings of up to 30%. The company is also

committed to recycling its manufacturing

waste to the maximum extent possible,

resulting in the reusability of up to 53% of

the company's own waste.

However, other socially responsible

companies can also be found in other





water management and construction.

The French company Veolia, which

provides services not only to companies

but also to municipalities, puts a high value

on resource efficiency and maximum

recycling. They try to achieve these goals

mainly thanks to their technical knowhow and innovation. Apart from that, they

also support start-up projects focused on

the environment and circular economics.

Thus, Veolia has become the main partner

of the Climate Challenge Accelerator

Programme, which offers support to the

ten best sustainability projects. Ostrava

Waterworks and Sewerage Company

(OVAK) takes care of water purity in

Ostrava, but few people know that

the French company SUEZ International

is the majority shareholder. Thanks to

systematic work and the use of solutions

such as smart metering, intelligent

readings and regular testing of water

samples, OVAK is one of the companies

with the lowest water loss so residents of

Ostrava and its surroundings do not have

to worry about the lack of clean water

from their taps.

This was just a short list of companies from

Italy and France that operate in our region

and care about the local environment.

However, there are many more socially

responsible companies like these in our

region, and their activities contribute not

only to economic growth in their area but

also to environmental protection.

POSITIV 2/2022 ǀ 39