VEOLIA Continues to Modernise

Heat Production Through a Circular

Economy and Greater Resilience to

External Influences

The dramatic situation surrounding energy and raw materials is affecting both energy consumers

and suppliers, who need to reconsider their plans. But Veolia Group — the main heat supplier

in the Moravian-Silesian Region—continue their important and long-term projects. This applies,

for example, to the modernisation and ecologisation of the Karviná heating plant, where the use

of coal will gradually be reduced and replaced by a combination of gas, biomass and processed

non-recyclable waste. The investments in new technologies will allow for the ecological and safe

production of heat for Karviná and Havířov from locally available sources.

The whole of Europe wants to replace coal with

renewable sources in the long term and now,

because of the war in Ukraine, it is also trying to

find a way to get rid of its dependence on Russian

gas. This brings security and self-sufficiency to

the forefront of the energy sector. All of this also

affects energy producers and suppliers in our

country. Those who have already focused on

diversifying their risks and using different types of

fuels with an emphasis on regional options have

an advantage. This is the route Veolia has taken,

and today it is proving to be the right one.

One example is one of Veolia‘s largest projects

in the Moravian-Silesian Region — the further

ecologisation and modernisation of the Karviná

Heating Plant, which supplies heat to Karviná and

Haví řov. Last year, Veolia built a gas connection

there and is currently building gas boilers. At

the same time, it continues to maintain coal-fired

technology as the central technology, which will be

decommissioned when the construction of the new

multi-fuel boiler is completed. This boiler will be

able to generate heat from biomass and so-called

solid alternative fuels, which will be produced from

sorted municipal waste, preferably from the region.

This combination allows us to react to the current

situation and the availability of individual fuels.

The residents of Haví řov and Karviná will thus have,

unlike some other towns in the Czech Republic,

a stable supply of heat with a high proportion of

renewable sources at a reasonable price. Veolia

cannot and will not wait to see how the plan

between the City of Haví řov and ČEZ Group,

based on the construction of new boiler houses

around the city and expensive and uncertain

gas from Russia, turns out. They are aware of its

responsibility towards towns and municipalities

and are continuing the transformation project they

have started.

Energy utilisation of local municipal waste

An additional benefit of this project is the modern

energy utilisation of municipal waste, which will no

longer be allowed to end up in landfills. Veolia will

thus significantly help towns and municipalities in

the Karviná region to solve waste issues and to use

waste in a meaningful way based on the principle

of circular economy. To this end, a contractual

cooperation has been established between Veolia

and CEVYKO, which is preparing the construction

of a Municipal Waste Recovery Centre. The initiator

of the project and one of the three shareholders

of CEVYKO is the city of Haví řov. The aim of

the project is to build a modern technological

facility to efficiently process municipal waste with

the production of solid alternative fuels to be used

in a multi-fuel boiler in the Karviná heating plant.

The project will enable participating towns and

municipalities to use municipal waste in the long

term not only in accordance with legislation but

also with the maximum possible degree of material

and energy recovery. Thanks to cooperation

with Veolia, Haví řov can become an example of

a responsible and modern approach to waste for

other towns and cities in the Moravian-Silesian


Text a foto:

Veolia Energie

ČR, a.s.

POSITIV 2/2022 ǀ 23