Hydrogen is a Phenomenon

of the Future,

Dolní Vítkovice Provides Education About it

With the start of the school year, the hydrogen

education sessions, which the DOV has been working

on since 2020, are continuing in Dolní Vítkovice. These

sessions aim to educate participants about hydrogen

and its prospective role in our lives. The outcome is a

broader understanding of the fundamental principles

station is located in close proximity to the Science

and Technology Centre. As a result, the new

technology can be seen just a few steps away from

the places where students learn about the subject

and where hydrogen seminars for companies take


of hydrogen technology across various industries,

professions and the general public. The hydrogen

seminars attract a diverse audience, including

individuals from the corporate sector, especially

production companies. They also attract students,

teachers from secondary schools, and members

of the public interested in this topic. An essential

part of the popularisation of hydrogen as an energy

source, which is an element for storing energy from

renewable sources, and an alternative for powering

cars, are expositions at the World of Technology in

Dolní Vítkovice. In addition participants can tour the

production facilities of Vítkovice Cylinders, which is

adjacent to the complex, and is a producer of systems

for storing, transporting and using hydrogen. "We take

seminar participants directly to the sites where the

world's largest extruded steel cylinders and hydrogen

cylinders for pressures up to 1,000 bar are produced.

We also show them the assembly of pressurised storage

tanks," says Zdeněk Vomočil from the department of

technical development in Vítkovice Cylinders and one

of the expert lecturers of the hydrogen seminars.

In addition to the building components and utilities,

the hydrogen filling station consists of three basic parts:

a 7.26 m3 durable hydrogen storage tank, a compressor

and a dispensing rack. The filling station has a daily

capacity of 40 kg of hydrogen and is capable of filling

approximately 8-10 cars per day, and up to 40 cars

per day when the capacity of the high-pressure tank

is increased.

All participants have the opportunity to explore

the facilities of the first public hydrogen filling

station designed for passenger vehicles, which was

put into operation by VÍTKOVICE, a.s. The filling

In 2022, VÍTKOVICE, a.s., the company that built

the first hydrogen filling station in the Czech Republic,

also purchased the first hydrogen Hyundai Nexo

sold in the Czech Republic. The hydrogen Hyundai

will serve Vítkovice in two ways. First, as a company

vehicle, as it naturally promotes hydrogen technology.

Second, it will be used for education in the Science

and Technology Centre. Until recently, the same role

was played by Toyota Mirai, which was bought by the

Cylinders Holding group in 2021 with a serial number

one in the Czech Republic. The Hyundai NEXO is one

of the green alternative cars of the future and one

of the first fuel cell electric vehicles. The vehicle has

received a five-star rating from the organisation Green

NCAP, which ranks and rates cars according to their

energy efficiency and emissions production. Hyundai

Nexo has a driving range of up to 666 km and its

hydrogen consumption is 0.95 kg per 100 km.

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