Unique Hydrogen Education

Programs For Students

The H2 GRAND PRIX is the world’s first program to focus on introducing hydrogen technologies to high

school students, enabling them to expand their knowledge and relevant skills in science, technology

and engineering. How was this done? We discussed this with the main organizer of H2GP PRO races

in Czechia, as well as the coordinator of H2GP PRO in Europe, Ing. Václav Bystrianský Ph.D.

What was the initial impulse for the creation of the

H2GP PRO project?

H2GP PRO was one of the first H2 GRAND PRIX

educational programmes offered by the Czech company

Horizon Educational, and it focused on the distribution

of educational tools for schools, through which students

could try electrolysis of water, make their own hydrogen,

use it in a fuel cell, and learn about the advantages and

disadvantages of these types of technologies.


What has been its development from the beginning

to the present?

The process is probably best outlined through the

conception of the H2GP PRO program, which has

since become our flagship project, standing as the

basis for the concepts of our other age categories.

We started the H2GP PRO program in 2015 and

today we have 300 high school teams around the

world and all the same rules apply.