ČEPRO Expands

Their Alternative

Fuel Offers To

Include Hydrogen

A new filling station from the ČEPRO company was built in

Mstětice near Prague by the D10 and D11 highways, and offers its

services for commercial, professional and academic purposes.

In June of 2023, ČEPRO opened their first

hydrogen filling station at a warehouse

in Mstětice near Prague. It serves not

only as a place to refuel hydrogen

powered vehicles, but also offers research

and testing opportunities to specific

customers and other interested parties

from the commercial, professional and

academic spheres.

Although electric mobility seems to

currently be the most popular path

towards a sustainable transport model,

the ČEPRO company is also diverting

resources into other alternatives that

play into the European Union’s goals.

The transition away from fossil fuels

towards more ecological forms of

energy is an indispensable step, and so

the construction of a new hydrogen filling

station is a good first step. “We are working

towards fulfilling our strategic goals, which

aims to allow us to offer alternative fuels

alongside classical fossil fuels. We view

the opening of the hydrogen filling station

as another step towards a more ecological

and sustainable future,” Jan Duspěva,

CEO of ČEPRO, stated.

the past couple of years, we have already

set in motion multiple projects related to

alternative transport fuels. For example, we

have begun installing photovoltaic power

plants in order to sustainably produce

energy for transportation. We are taking

part in the construction of a backbone

network of quick-charge stations for EVs to

support emissionless transport, and we are

also currently in the final steps of finalizing

a project based in BioLNG/CNG,” Petr Lux,

leader of the alternative energy division


The filling station is equipped with two

pumps, one set to 350 bar and the other to

700 bar. This allows any type of hydrogen

vehicle to be refueled at the station,

including cars, trucks, buses, as well as

forklifts. The facility will be operated by

a trained team of ČEPRO employees based

at the nearby warehouse. The location of

the station was decided based upon its

optimal accessibility from Prague, and the

technological capabilities of ČEPRO.

The company is planning to maintain

its position within Czechia’s hydrogen

economy in the coming years. Their plans

include the construction of facilities for

“green hydrogen production” within

warehouses that contain photovoltaic

power plants. As part of the MoravianSilesian Hydrogen Cluster, in which ČEPRO

is a member, they are also planning to fulfill

logistical goals set in the preparation of

the region’s “Hydrogen Valley.”

As a supplier of high quality fuel sources, the

company is doing their part in helping the

Czech Republic adapt alternative energy

sources into its transportation model. “In

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