From Vítkovice

to the Whole World

Mr. Jan Světlík and Cylinders Holding are known in the region as promoters of new technologies,

especially the hydrogen technologies. Cylinders Holding is one of the few companies that produce

real hydrogen technology. However, it is not just about hydrogen technologies. We asked Mr. Svetlik

for an interview, which we have presented below.

Mr. Světlík, what activities are currently the most

important for Cylinders Holding?

Cylinders Holding, including its manufacturing

companies, is a world leader in the production of

seamless extruded steel cylinders. In order to maintain

our position, it is necessary not only to produce

and sell top quality cylinders, but also to invest in

the development of new types of cylinders, new

product applications, to follow the latest trends, and

also fight unfair competition, especially from China.

But let's take it one step at a time. As far as our existing

customers are concerned, the most important thing for

us is to supply our customers on time and in top quality

with a product that is first and foremost safe, reliable with

an extremely long service life. We must remember that

our cylinders are designed for pressures from 100 to

1000 bar, i.e. approximately 100 to 1000 times higher

than normal atmospheric pressure. That is why we are

so concerned about unfair imports of often dangerous

products or semi-finished products from China or old

steel cylinders that are used inappropriately. These

products endanger people's lives and safety not only

directly (for example, by causing accidents of all kinds),

but also indirectly. For example, imported cylinders

from China contain large amounts of impurities and

various chemicals and are subsequently used for food

or even medical purposes.

We have responded to this negative

trend by offering our customers super

clean cylinders that they can safely

use for food and medical applications,

fo example.


Looking at the problem from a positive point of view,

we have responded to this negative trend by offering

our customers super clean cylinders that they can

safely use for food and medical applications.

Are there any truly topical and interesting topics

for the future?

What has occupied us most recently, however, is

hydrogen and its expanding applications, particularly

in the transport and energy sectors. It has to be said

that we are a bit ahead of our time and for several years

now we have been offering and supplying customers

with solutions for hydrogen storage and transport

that our competitors were not able to provide until

recently. Even our latest so-called smart products are

market leaders and will enable a faster take-off of, for

example, hydrogen mobility not only in Europe. Since

our customers are not only from EU countries, as we

supply more than 100 countries worldwide, we are

seeing an increase of interest in hydrogen technology

and in other parts of the world as well. For example, in

the USA, South America, Asia and Australia. It has to

be said that, unfortunately, Europe is cutting its own

throat with its excessive regulation and conditions for

the production of so-called sustainable hydrogen, and

other parts of the world are beginning to overtake us.

is now a priority for us.


the development of hydrogen

technology and the demands

of our customers, we have two new

hydrogen innovations.

There are a lot of myths about hydrogen, and

since it is a relatively new trend, people can often

have unnecessary fear and concerns about these

innovations. That's why, for example, I have recorded

a series of podcasts with Euro Weekly to debunk these

myths and fears and to present the real features and

positives of this medium of the future. We are sorry

that hydrogen is mostly talked about in the Czech

Republic, but you can count the companies that

are really living with hydrogen technologies on

the fingers of one hand and it is even worse with the

implemented hydrogen projects in the transport or

energy sector, for example.