production. Nuclear energy and coal

are still Czechia’s main sources of

electricity, which means that adding

green energy into the mix is key, even

though it may not cover all consumption

right away. We firmly believe that if

we plant enough seeds, eventually

we will be able to replace the use of

fossil fuels in energy production. We

currently have around 2.5 GW worth

of photovoltaics installed. By 2030,

photovoltaic and wind power plant

output should reach 17 GW. This typeof

increase will require the use of free

land. Of course, we must be cautious

to plan out our land use so that we

do not mindlessly use all of our fertile

soil. Nonetheless, we also have a lot

of brownfield real estate and unused

locations which are very appropriate

for these purposes. We believe that

even though these goals are difficult to

achieve, with the help of the region, we

will be able to achieve them.

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