Green Power Investment,

A Strong Partner

the Region Can Rely on

Since 2010 Green Power Investment s.r.o. (GPI) has been operating in the market of renewable

energy sources, with a specific focus on solar energetics and hydrogen. The company’s services

include development, project work, and the construction and operation of photovoltaic power

plants in European and other foreign countries. Since our conception, we have completed projects

with a total power output of 120 MW. Currently, we are working on several photovoltaic parks

with a total output of about 500 MW.

Our ultimate goal is to not only plan and construct

photovoltaic parks, but also to own and operate

them. Solar energetics, however, is not our only path

forward. We want to devise tailor made solutions

for different locations, instead of simply creating

energy and selling it to the grid. Therefore, we are

also looking for other opportunities in the field of

renewable sources, which include projects such as

connecting photovoltaics to battery systems and

using stored energy in the production and distribution

Hydrogen is a key topic for us, which is why

we became members of the Moravian-Silesian

Hydrogen Cluster.

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Investment s.r.o

of hydrogen. This means that we are able to offer

photovoltaics with added value, either storing extra

energy in batteries, or using it to produce hydrogen.

Currently, hydrogen is a very attractive topic for

investors, and we believe that it is only a matter of

time until projects will include batteries or a hydrogen

system as the standard.

Right now we are working on three projects that

are closely linked to hydrogen. Two of them involve

“green” hydrogen, which is the term for hydrogen

production through a photovoltaic plant. The first of

these projects is a large photovoltaics power plant in

Ostrava. The plant will have an output of 30 MWP,

a battery with a 30 MWh capacity and an electrolyzer

with a capacity of 15 MW and gradual hydrogen

production according to consumption. The second

and smaller project is a photovoltaic plant that will

have an output of 10 MWP and will be constructed

next year near Studénka. This plant will have a battery

with a 2 MWh capacity and a 2 MW electrolyzer.


The third project is different from the first two,

as it involves the decarbonization of a closed

production process within a private company.

Here we are constructing a photovoltaic power

plant inside one of our client’s buildings. The client

works with wood, and would like to decarbonize

their production process, mainly through the use of

renewable transportation fuels with their material

transportation runs between facilities. To fulfill

this goal, the client is planning to make use of a

hydrogen vehicle. At the same time, the solution

will also produce some extra electricity. As this

customer of ours works with wood, which needs

to be dried, we will also be creating solutions that

make use of heat or compressed oxygen.

Hydrogen is a key topic for us, which is why

we became members of the Moravian-Silesian

Hydrogen Cluster. This allows us to be part of

activities, which the Moravian-Silesian region is

developing in work groups. We are part of the work

group dedicated to transportation, as our primary

focus is aimed towards that field. We are planning

to create our own production facility for hydrogen

that will either distribute the product right from

where it is produced and compressed, or deliver it

to fuel stations around the region.

Besides hydrogen, we are also working with the

Moravian-Silesian region on the issue of green

energy and being able to cover the region’s

consumption. The Moravian-SIlesian region has

been a great help for us in the acquisition of land

for the construction of photovoltaic power plants,

as much of the free land in Ostrava is not open

for construction due to regulations. Luckily, these

projects are ones of public interest and Ostrava is

very enthusiastic about decarbonizing their energy