stávajících hotelů a sítě ubytování nebo

komunálních služeb. Klíčové jsou pro chorvatské subjekty služby a produkty v oblasti

těžby zemního plynu, zpracování ropy či

přepravy plynu a ropy. Mise je proto vhodná

také pro firmy zabývající se energetikou, využitím odpadu a ekologií, ale i vodohospodářstvím, železniční či kolejovou dopravou.

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Foreign Mission

of the KHK MSK Will

Introduce Moravian-Silesian Companies

as Partners With

Cutting-Edge Products

and Technologies

Representatives of companies participating in two business missions planned by the Regional

Chamber of Commerce of the Moravian-Silesian Region (KHK MSK) will be able to prove that

the competitiveness of the Moravian-Silesian Region’s companies is at a world-class level, this

year in Croatia, Sweden and Finland.

The first of these, a mission to Croatia, is

expected to take place in early June this

year in cooperation with Croatian partners

from the international business support

network Enterprise Europe Network and

the Embassy of the Czech Republic in


The mission aims to encourage

Czech entrepreneurs to expand their

business activities abroad, find new

sales opportunities and cooperate in

a region where tourism has experienced

an unprecedented boom in recent years.

“The mission responds to the suggestions

of entrepreneurs in the region who

are trying to find new markets for

their products and services. Due to

the oversaturation of the market in

Western Europe, they are increasingly

tending to look for business opportunities

in the Balkan region and other territories

of Southern and Eastern Europe,” said

Jan Skipala, Director of the Regional

Chamber of Commerce of the Moravian-Silesian Region.

The Moravian-Silesian companies will have

the opportunity to present their products

and establish business contacts during

individual pre-arranged B2B meetings with

potential Croatian partners. They will be

selected specifically. Participants will also

be able to take part in an accompanying

programme, visit selected local businesses

and get to know the specifics and customs

of the local market.

With the growing number of tourists,

Croatia is striving to improve the quality

of services offered in towns and villages.

There is a demand for technologies

and products that can be used for

the construction of recreational areas,

the renovation of existing hotels and

accommodation networks and municipal

services. Services and products in the

fields of gas extraction, oil processing

or gas and oil transportation are key for

Croatian operators. Therefore, the mission

is also suitable for companies involved in

energy, waste management and ecology,

as well as, water management and

the railway and rail transport sector.

Detailed information on the missions can

be found at

If you are interested in participating in

the missions, please contact:


Ing. Ilona Honusová

Foto: KHK MSK ǀ 15