A Satisfied Patient

Comes First. Without This,

Medicine Has no Point.

PRONATAL was founded in 1996, during which that time it has already helped thousands of

children. Since 2016, it has been a member of the MEDICON group, which is one of the largest

operators of outpatient facilities in Prague. Currently, PRONATAL and all its operations have

around 260 employees who provide care to over 4,000 couples each year. David Karásek, doctor

and member of the Board of Directors of the MEDICON group, answered what the work in

an IVF center entails and how they adapt their services to the specific needs and requirements of

individual countries and markets.

You operate 7 Centers for Assisted

Reproduction in Czechia, and another

4 clinics in the Balkans. In addition,

you also offer the services of a Genetic

Laboratory and a Prenatal Diagnostics

Center. What separates you from the


The answer to your question lies

within the question itself - we separate

ourselves from the competition mainly

through the complexity of the care that

we provide. We are not “simply” IVF

centers, but clinics for reproductive

48 ǀ POSITIV 1/2023

medicine first and foremost. This means

that not only do we treat infertility in

men and women, but also, for example,

gynecological or urological issues. We

offer complex genetic examinations

of both the parents and the embryos.

We deal with oncofertility (maintaining

fertility in young patients undergoing

oncological treatment) and also socalled “social-freezing,” in other words,

preserving the eggs of women that

want to postpone pregnancy. We also

offer additional services that aid in

treatment, such as psychological or

nutritional consultation.

According to the local Ministry of

Health, your clinic in the Croatian

city of Zagreb ranked 1st out of a total

16 clinics operating within the country.

What do you attribute this success to?

Both our clinics in Czechia and abroad

boast a long lasting tradition and many

years of experience. Our medical

procedures are determined by a medical

board, which consists of our own doctors