and embryologists whom have a deep knowledge

in the field. The board is led by Doc. MUDr. Tonko

Mardešić, CSc. (one of the founders of Czech

Reproductive Medicine) and the other members

include Prof. dr. sc. Velimira Šimuniće from Croatia

and Prof. dr. Sanju Sibinčíć (both of which are highly

regarded within the field). We focus on implementing

the newest developments into day to day practice

and we approach each couple individually. We apply

the principles of so-called modern industrial medicine.

factors, which can include the availability of qualified

personnel, for example. The differences in approaches

towards patients in areas that have different worldviews

or cultures always give us inspiration towards

developing our existing clinics.

Do you plan to open more clinics abroad?

We have seen the benefits how clinics in different

countries provide the entire network, as they provide

Your team consists of experts in not only

reproductive medicine, but also gynecology,

obstetrics, urology, andrology, IVF, embryology,

reproductive genetics and therapeutics…Would it

be correct to say that you follow the principles of

the current interdisciplinary care trend?

Most definitely. As I stated earlier, our main goal

is to satisfy the patient, which is something that can

a large amount of valuable experience. We organize

seminars where our colleagues can meet and share

their findings. This is why we plan to further expand our

operations. More specifically, we plan to open a center

in the Croatian city of Rijeka, and other countries will

soon follow suit.

only be reached when they are provided high quality

complex care that is up to date with the latest trends

in modern medicine. We are a part of the MEDICON

group, which essentially covers most ambulatory fields

and specialized services, such as, oncology, one-day

surgery, aftercare and many others.

What criteria do you use when picking a location for

a new clinic, and in what ways are you adapting your

services to the specific needs of individual countries

and markets?

Satisfying our patients is our main goal. Without them,

medicine has no point. Due to this, our main criteria in

picking a suitable location for a clinic is the local need

for quality healthcare. Then we consider the other

What does your work mean to you? Excitement,

happiness, or a calling, perhaps?

This field, where we help people fulfill their dreams

of having a child, definitely brings plenty of joy.

Furthermore, medicine in itself carries a sort of

excitement and is also a calling.

Mr. Karásek, thank you for the interview.

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