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Adam Krč

majitel Stínění.cz s.r.o.

Owner of Stínění.cz s.r.o.

A pergola is not just a nice place to sit by the house

a few times in the summer. It‘s a place that will bring your

whole family together. A place where you will truly live.

Adam Krč is the owner of the company

for the realization of your pergola. He will

personally work with you from start to

finish. An hour in the company showroom

will tell you more than a month of googling.

The company has more than 300 successful

implementations. The company is based in

Ostrava, but installs across the whole of

Moravia and Silesia.

There are three pergola types:

 Bioclimatic pergolas

 Pergolas with a fixed roof

 Pergolas with a retractable roof

You can equip them all with practical

accessories - side blinds, sliding glazing,

LED lighting or heat radiators.

We install pergolas that won‘t fall apart

right after the warranty. This is because

we only work with suppliers from

Belgium, Germany or Switzerland, where

terrace living has a strong tradition. You

won‘t be able to tell much in the photo,

but in reality the difference compared to

ordinary Czech pergolas is significant.

Make an appointment, and come and

see for yourself.

What is the procedure?

 We will meet in our showroom.

 We will prepare a tailor-made offer

according to your requirements.

 We will measure everything at your

house and prepare for installation.

 We will have your pergola manufactured


 In 8 to 12 weeks, the work is usually

finished and you are sitting in your brand

new luxurious pergola for the first time.

 Our team will not only clean up after themselves, but also explain everything to you - from proper operation

to maintenance.

And what about the quality of your


Our satisfied customers are happy to

send other potential clients to us. Some

customers are even sent to us by our

competitors! Usually those who are very

demanding, who are not only concerned

with the house, but also with everything

else that will make it interesting, modern

and useful.

Stínění.cz s.r.o.

Lihovarská 689/40a

718 00 Ostrava-Kunčičky

+420 722 221 112,

You will receive a response within

48 hours. ǀ 83