find a new path and vision for their future

is the first step.

The next decisive step is to develop a proper

approach to selecting an appropriate heir

to the leading role at the company. When

conducting this search for a successor,

it is important for the current owner to

abandon the thought that they need to

find a replacement that is as similar to

them as possible. We are not searching for

a clone, but for someone with the same

set of values. We are looking for someone

who has the skills to push the company to

the next level, and who can develop these

skills throughout the succession process.

The third factor to consider is whether

the company can provide the financial

means for the current owner to fulfill their

new vision.

After these three components are

properly handled, the next step is outlining

the individual steps of the succession,

defining goals and milestones that need

to be reached and actions that need to be

taken. Essentially, this creates a plan that

helps regulate the upcoming changes.

We at New Dimension, have first hand

experience with this kind of process. In

December of last year, I finally completed

the multi-year process of succession.

I elected a system that involves two

directors - Kristýna Pochvalitová and

Lenka Chýlková, who is also the company

manager. I handed over my role to them

with absolute confidence in their abilities

and gave them full authority.

Finalizing this process also served as

a gift for me in the celebration of our

company’s 15th year of operation. Looking

back, I highly appreciate the strong trust

of our clients and the effort our entire

team put into making everything go

smoothly. These are important pillars

that you can lean on during the process

of succession.

Text: Radka Šušková,

Interim manažerka, New Dimension, s.r.o.

Foto: Martina Rokosová ǀ 69