developers in the world. It is estimated

that there is currently a global shortage of

around 40 million jobs in the IT sector, and

this number could triple within the next

five years. It is known that efficiency

gains through artificial intelligence will go

against this trend, therefore this shortage

is unlikely to increase in the future.

Despite this, and perhaps because of it,

there is a need to involve not only schools,

but also companies in the education of

future professionals. Companies should

play a significant role in training new IT

talent, especially in the field of artificial

intelligence. A great opportunity lies in the

increasing openness of the IT field towards

women, who currently represent a minority

in this industry.

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly

developing, but it also confronts

challenges that need to be addressed in

order to advance to the next level. One

significant issue with current systems is

the training data in which the systems

learn. Artificial intelligences can easily

be biassed or give inaccurate or wrong


A great opportunity lies

“in the

increasing openness

of the IT field towards


Every technology inevitably brings forth

both positive and negative impacts. At

Tietoevry, we look at technology from both

perspectives , while trying to minimise

the negative ones. That is why our vision is

„There is NO in TechNOlogy, there is an US

in bUSiness now”.

Petr Lukasík

Head of Tietoevry Create Europe


Ing. Veronika Filipová

Foto: archiv Petra Lukasíka ǀ 43