tennists competing in the WTA J&T Banka Ostrava

Open tournament. If we remember that the history

of the entire complex dates back to 1926, when the

Vítkovice Tennis Club was founded, it is quite obvious

that the Ridera motto is fully manifested here: ‘Tradition

with a new vision’.

with children almost all year round, thanks to Ridera.

In summer, the Skalka complex offers thirty-two fun

activities, supporting the development of the motor

skills of the small visitors. But children can also escape

to virtual reality here, or visit a mini zoo with many

smaller and bigger animals that they can pet or feed.

Completely new visions are, on the other hand,

reflected in the partnership of Ridera Sport with the

Skalka Family Park in Vřesina near Ostrava, in an

ecological corridor between forests and fields on the

outskirts of Ostrava. This formerly abandoned and

dilapidated area, which has served only as a weatherdependent suburban ski slope since 2004, is now an

ideal place for active leisure and relaxation for families

In winter, you will feel almost like you are in the

mountains. Skalka Family Park offers two slopes 300

metres long; a children’s ski park; and a hill over 100

metres long with a lift. Children can ride bobsleighs

or sledges down the hill or use the slope for skiing or

snowboarding. The youngest children can learn to ski

on a small children’s slope or go ice skating on the

covered ice rink.

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