How Do Companies

Prepare Their People?

Companies undergoing the process of digitization are

coming to the conclusion that preparing their employees for

this change is a number one priority. The expansion of digital

processes brings about a change in the method of work,

creating a rift between what employees are currently capable

of and what they will need to manage in the near future. It is

only through the acquisition of these new competences that

they can become successful in this modern environment.

Fields that experience the largest changes and skills that allow

employees to use the potential of technologies, thus adding

value to their work, will be among the most valuable.

Along with these changes, which are very quick and have

a larger impact on our actions, the views and priorities of

employees are also shifting and this is another factor that

employers need to work with. We asked a couple HR leaders

for their opinion on this within their companies:



Šárka Matýs

Brose CZ spol. s r.o.

HR specialista rozvoje

a vzdělávání

New Dimension, s.r.o.

garant digitální


Zaměřili jsme se na rozvojové programy pro vedoucí pracovníky, aby věděli, jaké kompetence 4.0 budou na svých

pozicích potřebovat při práci s podřízenými a kolegy v souvislosti se změnami a transformací, která v Brose probíhá.

Ve spolupráci s New Dimension s.r.o. vzděláváme naše

manažery, týmové vedoucí v programu Leadership training 4.0.

V roce 2019 jsme začali vyvíjet koncept kompetencí 4.0

a šli jsme na to společně. To nám pomohlo si nové kompetence zažít a vzít za vlastní, takže když v současné době

digitalizujeme naše procesy, je pro nás všechny jednodušší

přizpůsobit myšlení, pracovat se změnami, komunikovat

a najít svou vlastní motivaci pro práci v digitalizovaném


We focused on development programs for manager

positions so they would learn what competences Industry

4.0 requires of them when working with colleagues and

subordinates in regards to the changes and transformations

happening in Brose. In cooperation with New Dimension

s.r.o., we are educating our managers and team leaders

through the leadership training 4.0 program.

In 2019, we started developing the 4.0 competencies

concept and we went for it together. This helped us gain

new competencies experience and take for granted so

when present we digitize our processes it is easier for all

of us to adapt thinking, work with change, communicate

and find your own motivation to work in a digitized


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