and management, all of this with the ability to house

up to 250 employees. Moreover, it is located in

an area different to our current businesses, which signals

a better employee-base than the Opava and Nový Jičín


As has already been mentioned, you have multiple

production enterprises in the Moravian-Silesian

Region. Could you briefly tell us what each facility

specialises in?

We have five production enterprises in the MoravianSilesian Region: two in Jistebník, one in Bratvanice, one

in Štítina near Kravaře and now also one in Albrechtice.

At first glance, all of these facilities seem quite similar

as they are all involved in engineering production,

however, they differ in specific nuances, especially in

regards to terminal technological operations, which is

customer dependent. That is to say, for example, if the

product’s terminal operation is in powder coating, then

these parts are produced in Štítina, which is home to

one of the biggest powder coating facilities in Morava.

These specialisations all work according to a specific

system. We possess all engineering technologies from

primary production (laser, plasma and oxygen burning,

edging, or pressing) to welding, robotic welding,

machining and varnishing, all the way to final assembly.

We have ten CNC burning machines, fifteen presses,

seven horizontal boring machines, four technologies

for powder coating and three CNC machining centres.

As a company, we supply over 5,000 final products and

around 30-40,000 parts travel between the different

facilities. Ten or so trucks leave each facility daily.

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